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The registration for 11th International Carbon Dioxide Conference is now open!

ℹ️ Registration Instructions

Registration for the International Carbon Dioxide Conference must be made using the online registration form.

Registration can also be made during the event, at the General Secretariat of the Conference, in Manaus, Amazonas. However, we suggest that you register in advance to avoid queues on the day of the event.

For general participants the registration fee entitles you to the following:

  • attendance to all scientific sessions;
  • admission to the exhibitions;
  • conference dinner on 30th;
  • coffee breaks and lunches on weekdays; and
  • one submission of an Abstract.

🇧🇷 For Brazilians only: Registration fees will be updated monthly.

📌 Note: Registration fee cannot be returned if participants choose not to attend some of the activities mentioned above.

Check the registration fees of the categories in the table below and pay attention to the day with discount indicated in the table.

Price table 

Categories Until May 10, 2024 Until August 2, 2024
Professional - In Person

R$ 2.700,00

R$ 3.160,00

Student - In Person

R$ 1.350,00

R$ 1.580,00

Professional - Online R$ 1.350,00
R$ 1.490,00
Student - Online R$ 760,00
R$ 900,00

R$ 0,00

R$ 0,00

Day card

R$ 900,00

R$ 900,00


Limited time category Until July 15, 2024
Brazilian Manaus Special R$ 450,00


Brazilian Special Manaus

This category is only to Brazilians that live in Manaus. In this category is included only coffee breaks, access to the Conference and kit Conference. The deadline to registrate in this category is until July 15th, 2024.

To apply for this category, please submit proof of residence.

Request for Financial Support

Students that will submit an Abstract, from low, lower-middle and middle-income countries, as defined by the World Bank, will be able to apply for financial support.
Please send email to [email protected] with the informations below:

. Full name;
. Complete address;
. Education level;
. Institution;
. Title and abstract submitted;
. Justification of the request for financial support.

Registration Refund Policy

An email notification of cancellation from participants must be received and confirmed by the conference secretariat before a refund can be issued. An administrative charge and all bank charges will be deducted from the amount and will be made after the conference.

ICDC11 will receive registration payment by:

- For Foreign

  • credit card

- For Brazilians

  • PIX ;
  • Bank slip;
  • Cash credit card;
  • Pledge note (for federal Brazilian institutions).

For payment in the student category, student status must be proven with a statement from the school, a statement from the advisor or a copy of the student card, which must be on the registration form.

If you want to register for just one day of the event, CLICK HERE.