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Welcome to the eleventh edition of the International Carbon Dioxide Conference - ICDC11.

The 11th International Carbon Dioxide Conference (ICDC11) will be hosted in Manaus, Brazil from July 29th – August 2nd, 2024, , at the Hotel Novotel Manaus. ICDC11 was originally planned for 2021 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent logistical challenges. Manaus was selected to allow visitors to experience a taste of the Amazon, a region central to understanding the global carbon cycle.

Taking place in the heart of Amazônia, amidst an El Niño, and on the heels of the first Global Stocktake, ICDC11 represents an important opportunity to consider how improved understanding of terrestrial and oceanic carbon fluxes can inform carbon management and mitigation policy. The conference will provide the platform to have a dialogue between communities focused on understanding our latest science, technological capabilities and the needs, priorities and open questions of the policy and management communities.

At ICDC11, in-person attendance is highly encouraged, as interactive virtual participation may be difficult. Some degree of hybrid plenary engagement is being investigated, but internet bandwidth may limit this. Further information about the venue, website, abstract and registration due dates will be provided shortly. Please plan for this exciting and important conference.

Presentations are welcome on all aspects of the carbon cycle and its human perturbation. We particularly welcome contributions on the carbon cycle in the Amazon region. Further details on registration and abstract submission will come soon but meanwhile start planning to join us in one of the world's carbon hot-spots.